Accident due to carelessness

Most of the accident happens because of lack of carelessness from one of the driver. The situation in the video is no different. These are the CCTV visuals caught on shop camera at the site of accident.

from the visuals we can see that a car is parked on the left side of the road. Two bikes are also parked infront of the car. May be they were buying something from the nearby shop, that’s why they parked in such a manner. Anyway what happened next was something brutal.

After buying things from the shop, one of the bikers took a speedy start without looking for incoming vehicles. The result was very bad. An oncoming car hit the bike and the bikers were thrown off from their bikes.

The guys lost consciousness and lied on the floor for sometime until someone came to take a look on them. The guys were trying to go to a bypass road in a wrong direction. That’s what ended in accident. The car driver has nothing to do with the accident. He was driving on the same way he was allowed to drive.

When we closely analyse the accident we can confirm that the accident happened due to the carelessness from the bike riders. If they cared to look for oncoming vehicles the accident wouldn’t have happened. The car was also going at normal speed. When you drive the next time, remember the accident and drive carefully.


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