A Tribute To Nirbhaya

The short film titled The Return Gift is a tribute to Delhi rape victim Nirbhaya. The film is directed by It professional Freddie Francis. The 6 minutes short film is completely shot using mobile phone and shows the extent to which a mobile can be used.

A young trying to disturb a women in the bus is the theme of the short film. What happens to the eve teaser is funny and a lesson to be learnt for many in our society. The film describes the emotion of a girl, when she is abused. The film also criticises the silence of the society to such indifference happening to women. The society maintains this silence until it happens to there relatives or loved ones. Even though the film is shot completely with a mobile phone, it doesn’t lack any technical aspect. The quick cuts are done by jovin john and DOP by Tony Sebastian. The cast includes Arun joseph, Praveen Kumar, Nimmy Varghese, Jithin George and Antony peter.

Yadhu Krishna has worked as assistant director.

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